Camarógrafo, editor y colorista especializado en campañas de contenido de marca, eventos y comerciales de estilo documental. Perfil internacional, con experiencia en Singapur, Oriente Medio y Europa.

Durante los últimos años he estado haciendo trabajos para empresas como:

National Geographic, Vodafone, red bull, Volvo Ocean Race, Exxon Mobil, IWC, Leo Burnett, Infocus Asia, ActiveTV, ooredoo, Q-POST, oryx rotana, DoTheRighClick, 8th chambers congress of Qatar, Meavision, Qatar Financial Centre Authority, Six Senses Spa, fingerprint, Belle Harvey interiors, Crystalzoo Architecture,  Qatar innovation, Parking Gallery, Ginger Camel, TBQ, absolutefitness, Chizen, the cellar, Akra Barbara, jazzclub oryx, st. regis doha, pro-partnership, tyrsis real estate, …, y muchos otros trabajos personales.



Stefan Lindber-Jones / Managing Director at Ginger Camel Media Ltd

“Ruben is a very passionate person and this comes out in his work. He lives for his art in creating films that tell a story without any voice over . Ruben can find beautiful shots from different angles and close ups that generally most of us do not see.”



Albert Liang / Founder of ArKIDecture.sg

“Thank you so much for the dedication and hard work ! I really love this format to show a very Interesting perspective of Arkidecture and its connection to children & parents & architects. The video you make touches the core and the heart of the team does.”